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Under the Stars: A Late November Night at Alqueva


by João Silva

As the crisp air of late November sweeps across Alentejo, the skies above Alqueva transform into a mesmerizing tapestry of stars. It’s a spectacle that harkens back to an age where the heavens guided our ancestors – a celestial connection I’ve felt deeply since my youth in Évora’s vineyards.

Getting There: A Journey Through Time and Nature
The journey to Alqueva is as enchanting as the destination itself. From Évora, take the N256, a route that meanders through ancient olive groves and rolling vineyards. As you approach Alqueva, the landscape unfolds into serene expanses, perfect for stargazing.

Tips for the Perfect Stargazing Experience

  • Timing is Key: Late November offers clear, crisp nights – ideal for astronomical observations.
  • Equipment: A telescope can enhance your experience, but the beauty of Alqueva’s dark skies is evident to the naked eye.
  • Comfort: Bring warm clothing and a blanket. Nights can be chilly this time of year.

Best Times to Visit
While November skies are spectacular, each season at Alqueva has its charm. The summer months bring a different set of constellations and meteor showers, while spring and autumn offer a balance of comfortable weather and celestial wonders.

In Alqueva, under the vast, starlit sky, one can’t help but feel a profound connection to the cosmos – a feeling I’ve cherished since my childhood days in Évora. It’s a place where time stands still, and the stories of the stars unfold above us, just as they have for millennia.

In this post, João Silva not only shares practical tips and the best times to visit Alqueva but also weaves in his personal connection with the region, offering readers an intimate and informative glimpse into one of Portugal’s most stunning natural wonders.


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