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Paddling to Paradise: A Day at Benagil Sea Cave


by Beatriz Rodrigues

Heading to Benagil Sea Cave for a paddleboarding session is like hitting up a natural wonderland. This spot in Portugal’s Algarve is legit awesome – think big waves, cool limestone cliffs, and a cave that’s straight out of a travel vlog.

Getting There: Starting from Lagoa, you cruise down to Benagil Beach. It’s a chill spot, perfect for kicking off your paddleboard adventure. The trip from the beach to the cave? It’s like a mini workout mixed with some epic views. You’re paddling out there, working against the waves – it’s a blast but also kind of peaceful, you know?

Inside the Cave: Once you hit the cave, it’s a whole different world. Sunlight beaming through the top, waves making a low-key soundtrack – it’s cool, really cool. The beach inside is like a secret spot, only reachable by water. It’s like finding your own hidden hangout.

Costs and Deets: Paddleboarding to the cave won’t break the bank. You’re looking at different prices based on when you go and for how long. Tours are the way to go if you want the full scoop on the cave and the area’s marine life. Plus, local guides can show you the ropes. But yeah, always depends on the weather.

Making a Day of It: Post-cave adventure, Benagil Beach is great for some downtime. And if you’re into food (who isn’t?), the local seafood is a must-try. Plus, there are other cool spots nearby like Algar de Benagil and Praia da Marinha with insane rock formations.

Tours run all year, but keep in mind, nature does its own thing. Like, going in November? The water’s pretty chilly – not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, different strokes for different folks. Paddleboarding to Benagil Sea Cave is more than just a touristy thing; it’s about getting out there and experiencing something wild. The Algarve’s got these incredible beaches and water that’s like a postcard come to life. Definitely a trip to remember.


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