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My Irish Friend Sarah’s Algarve Underwater and Culinary Adventure


By Beatriz Rodrigues

This weekend was a special one. My dear friend Sarah, visiting from Ireland, joined me for an unforgettable exploration of the Algarve’s undersea wonders and its flavorful culinary landscape. Here’s a glimpse into our adventure.

Saturday: Diving into the Depths of History

Our journey began at the sun-kissed coast of Sagres, where the mysterious Torvore shipwreck awaited us. Sarah, with eyes wide in anticipation, listened intently as I recounted the story of this early 20th-century vessel, now a living underwater museum. As we submerged, the ship’s enigmatic structure emerged from the azure depths. Sarah was mesmerized, watching the marine life that had claimed the wreck as their own. It was an enthralling experience, seeing her marvel at how history intertwines with nature in this silent aquatic world.

A Seaside Feast

After resurfacing, our appetites led us to a quaint eatery perched by the sea. We indulged in Cataplana de Marisco, the Algarve’s iconic seafood stew. Sarah’s eyes lit up with each spoonful, tasting the rich blend of the ocean’s bounty and traditional spices. She remarked how each bite was like a symphony of flavors, echoing the sea’s rhythm.

Sunday: A Serene Snorkeling Experience

The next day brought a softer adventure. We donned our snorkels, eagerly exploring the serene coves near Lagos. The water was crystal clear, unveiling a mosaic of marine life. Sarah floated, captivated by the vibrant fishes and swaying sea anemones. I shared stories of marine conservation, and she nodded thoughtfully, understanding the fragility of this beautiful ecosystem.

Vineyard Wonders and Parting Thoughts

As our weekend drew to a close, we wandered through a local vineyard, the air filled with the scent of ripening grapes. Sarah was fascinated as we toured, learning about the Algarve’s winemaking process. We raised glasses of exquisite local wine, toasting to our adventure and the memories we created.

As Sarah packed her bags, she shared how this weekend opened her eyes to the Algarve’s magical blend of history, nature, and culinary arts. Her words were heartwarming: “I came to see the sea, but I’m leaving with a piece of the Algarve in my heart.”


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