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Medieval Festivals & Fairs
Experience the Middle Ages in Portugal

Portugal is home to a number of medieval festivals and fairs, which offer visitors a chance to experience life in the Middle Ages. These events typically feature jousting tournaments, sword fights, archery contests, live music, traditional food and drink, and medieval crafts. Some of the most popular medieval festivals in Portugal include the Medieval Fair of Óbidos, the Medieval Festival of Monsanto, and the Medieval Festival of Vila Viçosa.

What to expect

Hold onto your tunics and chainmail, because you’re stepping back in time! These festivals are a sensory feast, complete with jousting knights, archery competitions, and intricate handicrafts. Stroll through bustling medieval markets, try your hand at ancient games, and dine on foods prepared using age-old recipes. Participate in workshops teaching traditional crafts like blacksmithing or candle-making. You’ll come for the historical reenactments but stay for the elaborate costumes, captivating storytelling, and the enthralling atmosphere.

Why Portugal

These festivals offer more than just a glimpse into medieval life; they celebrate Portugal’s rich history and contributions to world culture during this period. They are carefully researched, highly authentic events that offer a unique blend of education and entertainment. For a time-travel experience like no other, Portugal’s medieval festivals and fairs are second to none.

Ideal for…

History aficionados, fantasy lovers, and families looking for an interactive, educational adventure. Perfect for those who want to experience the Middle Ages without the inconvenience of, you know, actually living in them.

Did You Know?

The Feira Medieval de Silves is one of the oldest medieval festivals in Portugal, transforming the Algarve town of Silves into a medieval haven complete with an 11th-century market!

Important to remember

This isn’t your everyday fair, so dressing the part is encouraged! Most festivals have costume rentals, so don your best medieval attire. Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and water, especially during the sunny seasons. Always maintain a respectful demeanor—these festivals are a source of pride for local communities.

Time of the Year

Summer is prime time for these festivals, offering warm evenings perfect for revelry under the stars. However, some regions also host winter festivals featuring unique traditions like torch-lit parades. Make sure to check our calendar which has something happening in every month of the year

Best Locations

  • Feira Medieval de Silves in Algarve
  • Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria in Santa Maria da Feira
  • Medieval Festival of Óbidos
  • Belmonte Medieval in Castelo Branco
  • Castro Marim Medieval Days in Algarve


Q1 & A1
Q1: Is it common to dress up?
A1: Absolutely! Costumes add to the authenticity and fun. Many festivals even offer costume rentals.
Q2: Are pets allowed?
A2: Policies vary by event, so it's best to check ahead of time.
Q3: Is there an entrance fee?
A3: Most festivals charge a nominal fee, often including access to workshops and activities.
Q4: Can I buy medieval merchandise?
A4: Yes! Handmade crafts, clothing, and even weaponry are usually available for purchase.
Q4: How authentic is the food?
A4: These festivals pride themselves on historical accuracy, so expect dishes that are true to the era, prepared using traditional methods.