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Diving into the Depths: A Tale of Portugal’s Underwater Wonders


By Miguel Costa, an Aquatic Storyteller

Olá, amigos! Miguel here, ready to take you on a deep dive into some of Portugal’s enchanting underwater worlds. You know me, always with a story up my sleeve and a love for our ocean’s treasures. Let’s submerge into the tales of the deep, where every bubble carries a secret and every current speaks of a new adventure.

1. A Sunken Encounter in the Algarve
Ah, the Algarve, where the sun kisses the sea. I remember diving near the Wilhelm Krag shipwreck off the coast of Albufeira. As I explored, a curious octopus, let’s call him Carlos, decided to join me. We explored the wreck together, a steam-driven freighter, that sunk on the 24th of April 191. As we danced an underwater ballet, surrounded by a wide variety of colorful fish, eels, and crustaceans. Carlos was a fine dancer and a good diving mate, I must say.

2. Berlengas Archipelago: My Kelp Forest Maze
Once, amidst the kelp forests of Berlengas, just off the coast of Peniche, I found myself in a natural labyrinth. The numerous sea caves sea are unique ecosystems rich in marine biodiversity. It was like navigating a green, underwater city. I bumped into a school of sea bass, and for a moment, I was just another fish in the crowd. It was nature’s own carnival, and I had a VIP ticket!

3. Whale of a Time in the Azores
Diving in the Azores is like stepping into a fantasy novel. May to October is the best time although through the year the sea is teeming with sea life. There was this one time, a giant sperm whale passed by so close, I could see the stories in its eyes. We shared a moment, the whale and I, two travelers crossing paths in the vast blue. I was thinking as it went into the distance, how lucky they are to live in these times, safer than ever, in their history with humans

4. Madeira: My Dance with a Manta Ray
In Madeira, my home, whilst leading a group near the Afonso Cerqueira shipwreck, I met a manta ray I named Maria. She was as graceful as a ballerina. We twirled around each other in a silent waltz. Maria, with her gentle eyes, seemed to understand the rhythm of my heart. It was a dance I’ll never forget. The group of divers watched as we moved together in unison. It moments like this, that remind me of how lucky I am to have the life I have. Graças a Deus

5. The Philosophy of Diving
To dive in Portugal is to converse with the sea. Each dive is a story, a poem written in bubbles and breaths. It’s not just about seeing the underwater world; it’s about feeling it, being a part of its endless narrative. Were these stories to have excited you at the possibility of experiencing these wonders, then do it.

My friends, Portugal’s waters are a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered. As I always say, “Each dive is a new story, and every diver a storyteller.” So, when will you come and write your chapter in our ocean’s book?

Until our next aquatic adventure, Bem-vindo ao mar!

Miguel Costa, your diving companion, and the sea’s chronicler 🌊🐙🐠


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