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Discovering Lisbon’s Co-Working Spaces: A Personal Journey


My move to Lisbon was partly inspired by close friends I made at the Tara Building co-working space in Dublin. Their stories about Lisbon piqued my curiosity, and I set off in search of a co-working space that resonated with me – one with a harmonious blend of aesthetics and community spirit.

Initially, my quest didn’t bear fruit. But undeterred, I embarked on a second round, evaluating spaces based on my EnterPortugal Business Matrix: Friendliness, Community, Facilities, Look & Feel, Pricing, and Location.

The Base: A Warm Welcome

The Base captured my top spot. The friendly greeting set a tone of warmth and community. The space, though not the largest, offers a variety of hot-desking options, including standing desks. The blend of industrial and plush seating in mustard and deep royal blue adds to the ambiance. Phone booths, meeting rooms, and a full kitchen area are well-appointed. Pricing is competitive at €159 for a Roaming Desk and €249 for a Fixed Desk. Located just minutes from Avenida Liberdade, it’s a convenient spot.
Total Score: 11/13

Resvés: The Close Runner-Up

Resvés greeted me with undeniable warmth. The space, which I revisited after 18 months, offers a vibrant community, complete with a member introduction board. The cozy window seat and cute phone booths add to the atmosphere. The hot desk room, though needing some attention, is slated for an upgrade. The wait for a desk is long, but the sense of community is worth it.
Total Score: 10/13

Spaces: Chic and Professional

Spaces, located at Marcus Pombal, impresses with its bright, open design. The reception experience was less warm, requiring an appointment for pricing details. The space is sleek and well-designed, though the no-photo policy felt restrictive.
Total Score: 8/13

Work Avenida: Under New Ownership

Previously known as The Hare & The Tortoise, Work Avenida is navigating its new identity. The interior is stylish, but the limited hot desk area and absence of fixed desk options were notable. The paid coffee dock was a slight letdown, though the overall pricing is reasonable.
Total Score: 7/13

Nimbler Spaces: Office-Focused

Nimbler Spaces leans towards dedicated office setups, with the co-working area feeling secondary. The decor and furniture were a bit lackluster, but the free coffee from a cool van and the stunning rooftop views were high points.
Total Score: 6/13

SoHome: The Intimate Choice

SoHome is quaint and cafe-like, offering a peaceful environment with a warm reception. Simple yet effective, it provides a lovely outdoor space and co-living options, which seem to be a focal point.
Total Score: 6/13

In exploring Lisbon’s co-working scene, I also attempted visits to a few other spaces with mixed results. At WeWork on Rua Alexandre Herculano, I was halted by security and told to arrange a visit via email, a somewhat restrictive approach for spontaneous explorers like myself. My experience at WorkAvenida on Avenida da Liberdade was similarly baffling; the site was inaccessible, with no response to either bell or phone. Lastly, Sítio Coworking, while advertising co-working, predominantly offered dedicated offices, a scenario humorously described by an onsite contact as ‘honeypotting’ marketing. These experiences underscored the diversity and accessibility challenges within Lisbon’s coworking landscape, reminding me that not every space is as open or as it appears online.


My journey through Lisbon’s co-working spaces has been enlightening. Each space has its unique strengths and areas for improvement, catering to different preferences and needs. The diversity of options in Lisbon’s co-working scene is a testament to the city’s vibrant and evolving professional landscape. The quest continues, and I’m eager to discover more hidden gems in this beautiful city.

Stay tuned for more insights as I continue to explore the dynamic world of Lisbon’s co-working spaces!


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