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Surfing Competitions & Lessons
Ride the Waves of Portugal's Surf Scene


With its sweeping coastlines and powerful waves, Portugal has firmly established itself as a surfing paradise. Whether you’re a pro looking to conquer world-famous breaks or a beginner eager to catch your first wave, Portugal’s surf scene is as diverse as it is exhilarating.


Surfing Competitions:

  1. Professional Surfing Championships: Hosts top-tier surfers from around the world. Key events often take place in renowned surf spots like Peniche and Nazaré, known for their impressive waves.
    • MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal: Held in Peniche, this event is part of the World Surf League Championship Tour and attracts the best surfers from around the globe.
    • Azores Airlines Pro: Experience exciting surfing in the stunning Azores, where top talents compete in a pristine island setting.
  2. Local Surf Contests: Offers a glimpse into the local surfing community. These events are often held on popular beaches across Portugal, showcasing emerging talent and fostering a sense of community.
  3. Junior and Amateur Competitions: Aimed at nurturing young and amateur surfers. These events provide a platform for up-and-coming talent to showcase their skills and gain competition experience.
  4. Longboard Surfing Competitions: Focuses on the art of longboard surfing, celebrating this traditional and graceful style of surfing, often held in areas with smoother wave patterns.

Surfing Lessons:

  1. Beginner Surf Schools: Ideal for those new to surfing, offering basic lessons on safety, technique, and ocean awareness. These schools are widespread along the Portuguese coast.
  2. Intermediate and Advanced Coaching: Tailored for surfers looking to improve specific skills or tackle more challenging waves. Often includes video analysis and personalized coaching.
  3. Private Surf Coaching: One-on-one sessions for personalized learning experiences. Great for individuals seeking undivided attention to advance their surfing skills.
  4. Group Surf Lessons: Perfect for families or friends wanting to learn together. These lessons offer a fun, social way to learn surfing while encouraging each other.
  5. Women-Specific Surf Schools: Focused on creating comfortable and empowering environments for women surfers, often led by female instructors and tailored to women’s needs in the sport.

Ideal for…

  • Surfing Beginners: Learn to surf with experienced instructors in Portugal’s surf schools.
  • Advanced Surfers: Challenge yourself in Portugal’s renowned surf spots like Nazaré.
  • Sports Spectators: Witness some of the world’s most exciting surfing competitions.

Top Surfing Locations

  • Nazaré: Famous for its monster waves and big wave surfing.
  • Ericeira: A World Surfing Reserve known for its variety of breaks and surf community.
  • Lagos: Ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers, with beautiful beaches and consistent waves.

Did You Know?

Portugal’s diverse surf spots cater to all levels, from gentle waves for beginners to monstrous swells for professional surfers.

Tips for Surfing Enthusiasts

  • Respect the Ocean: Understanding surf etiquette and safety is paramount, especially in more challenging spots.
  • Choose the Right Spot: Consult local surf shops or instructors to find the best locations for your skill level.
  • Embrace Local Surf Culture: From beachside cafés to surf-themed hostels, enjoy the laid-back surf vibe that infuses Portugal’s coastal towns.

Price Guide

  1. Beginner Surf Schools: Approximately €25 – €50 per group lesson. This often includes equipment rental and spans a session of about 1-2 hours.
  2. Intermediate and Advanced Coaching: Around €40 – €70 per session. These sessions are typically more specialized and may include advanced techniques and personalized coaching.
  3. Private Surf Coaching: Approximately €50 – €100 per hour. Private lessons offer personalized instruction and more flexibility in scheduling and curriculum.
  4. Group Surf Lessons: Around €20 – €45 per person for a group session. Prices can be lower per person in larger groups and often include equipment.

Best Time of the Year

Surfing is a year-round activity in Portugal, with the biggest waves in winter, especially in Nazaré.


Portugal’s vibrant surf culture and world-class waves make it an ideal destination for surfers of all levels and those looking to experience the thrill of the sport.

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