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Public and Accessible Golf Courses
Accessible Golf for Everyone in Portugal


Welcome to the world of golf in Portugal, where the green is accessible to everyone! Our guide to Public and Accessible Golf Courses invites you to explore a variety of options that cater to all levels of expertise and interest. From scenic municipal courses to family-friendly environments, discover the perfect spot for your next golf adventure


Municipal Golf Courses: “Operated by local governments, these courses offer affordable, accessible golfing experiences. They’re perfect for casual play and often located in scenic public parks.”

Executive Golf Courses: “Ideal for those short on time, these courses typically feature fewer holes (often 9 instead of 18). They offer a quicker, yet satisfying round of golf, suitable for all skill levels.”

Par-3 Courses: “Focused on short game skills, Par-3 courses are great for beginners and players looking to improve their approach shots. These courses offer a relaxed, approachable golfing environment.”

Pay-and-Play Courses: “No membership required here. These courses allow golfers to pay a fee per round, offering flexibility and convenience for visitors or those looking for an occasional game.”

Scenic View Courses: “Public courses that boast stunning natural landscapes. These courses provide a visually spectacular golfing experience, often featuring panoramic views of the surrounding area.”

Beginner-Friendly Courses: “These courses are designed with the novice golfer in mind, featuring less challenging layouts and a welcoming atmosphere for those new to the sport.”

Family-Oriented Courses: “Catering to golfers of all ages, these courses offer a fun, inclusive environment. They often include shorter tees and relaxed rules to accommodate young or inexperienced players.”

Historic Public Courses: “Steeped in history, these courses offer a chance to play on grounds that have hosted significant golf events. They combine a rich heritage with a public, accessible format.”

Ideal for…

  • Budget-conscious Golfers: Enjoy golfing without breaking the bank.
  • Beginners: Learn and practice in a welcoming and less formal environment.
  • Casual Players: Experience the joy of golf without the commitment to club memberships.

Top Public Courses

Lisbon Sports Club, Vilamoura Old Course, and Porto Golf Club offer excellent golfing experiences accessible to all.

Did You Know?

Portugal's commitment to making golf accessible is evident in its variety of public and affordable golf courses.

Price Guide

  • Budget: Affordable green fees and equipment rentals.
  • Moderate: Mid-range courses offering good value for money.

Best Time of the Year

These courses are available year-round, offering flexibility for players.


In Portugal, the game of golf is an experience open to all. Whether you’re a seasoned player or picking up a club for the first time, our selection of Public and Accessible Golf Courses offers something for everyone. Embrace the joy of golf in stunning settings and make your next round a memorable one. Happy golfing!

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