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Link Courses
Unparalleled Golfing in Portugal


Links golf is where the game began, and though Portugal is not traditionally known for a wealth of links courses, it has a few remarkable examples that capture the essence of this ancient style. These courses are often situated along the seaside, built on sandy soil, and are sculpted by the natural contours of the land.

Link courses are distinguished by their coastal locations and the natural landscape they utilize, typically characterized by sandy soil, dunes, and a lack of trees.

Ideal for…

  • Traditional Golfers: Enjoy the classic style of golf on courses that have stood the test of time.
  • Scenery Seekers: Experience golfing alongside stunning ocean views and natural landscapes.
  • Challenge Enthusiasts: Test your skills against the natural elements typical of link courses.

Top Link Courses

Praia D’El Rey, Silver Coast

A Coastal Masterpiece

  • Location: Obidos, Silver Coast
  • Architect: Cabell B. Robinson
  • Highlight: With undulating fairways, dunes, and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, Praia D’El Rey offers a classic links experience.
  • Visitor Information: Featuring a luxurious resort, spa facilities, and dining options overlooking the ocean.

2. Troia Golf, Setúbal Peninsula

A Hidden Gem

  • Location: Troia Peninsula, near Setúbal
  • Architect: Robert Trent Jones Sr.
  • Highlight: Troia’s slender layout winds through pine trees and sand dunes, providing a challenging and picturesque round.
  • Visitor Information: Accessible by ferry, this course offers a serene getaway, with nearby accommodations and beach activities.

3. West Cliffs, Silver Coast

A New Addition to Portugal’s Links Legacy

  • Location: Praia D’el Rey, Silver Coast
  • Architect: Cynthia Dye McGarey
  • Highlight: Dramatic cliff-top views and a design that embraces the natural terrain make West Cliffs a unique links experience.
  • Visitor Information: A part of the Praia D’El Rey Resort, West Cliffs offers luxury stays and access to nearby attractions.

Did You Know?

Portugal's link courses are celebrated for their natural beauty and the unique challenges they present to golfers.
  • Prepare for the Wind: Coastal breezes can be a significant factor. Club selection and shot strategy will be vital.
  • Embrace the Terrain: Links golf is about playing the land as it lies. Enjoy the challenge of uneven lies and natural obstacles.
  • Enjoy the Scenery: Links courses offer breathtaking coastal views. Take a moment to soak in the natural beauty.

Price Guide

  • Budget: Competitive rates for a traditional golfing experience.
  • Moderate: Link courses with additional amenities and services.
  • Luxury: Exclusive link courses with high-end facilities and exceptional views.

Best Time of the Year

The best time to play is late Spring through early Autumn, taking advantage of the milder weather.


Links golf in Portugal may be limited in quantity, but it is rich in quality. These courses offer golfers a chance to play the game in its purest form, with the land, sea, and wind all contributing to an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are a purist seeking the raw beauty of links golf or a traveller looking for a new adventure, Portugal’s links courses provide a rare and rewarding golfing experience. They are a testament to the diversity and richness of golf in this stunning country.

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