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Jet Skiing and Water Skiing
Thrills on the Water Skiing in Portugal


Get ready for high-speed adventures with jet skiing and water skiing experiences, available at various beach destinations across Portugal.


Guided Jet Ski Tours:

  • These tours are ideal for exploring the coastline and are often available in tourist-friendly areas. Participants follow a guide to see scenic spots, and no previous experience is usually required.

Freestyle Jet Skiing:

  • For the more adventurous, freestyle jet skiing allows individuals to maneuver their jet skis independently, performing tricks and jumps. This is typically suited for those with some jet skiing experience.

Jet Ski Safaris:

  • A combination of adventure and sightseeing, jet ski safaris take participants on a journey to explore hidden beaches, caves, and sometimes even include snorkeling stops.

Beginner Water Skiing Lessons:

  • These are designed for people new to water skiing, focusing on basic techniques and safety. Ideal for families and individuals looking to try water skiing for the first time.

Advanced Water Skiing Courses:

  • Aimed at improving skills and techniques for more experienced skiers. These might include slalom skiing, jumping, and competitive techniques.

Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding:

  • Often offered alongside water skiing, these sports provide a different kind of thrill and challenge on the water.

Group and Family Sessions:

  • These sessions are tailored for groups or families looking to enjoy water sports together. They often accommodate different skill levels within the same group.

Water Skiing and Jet Skiing Combos:

  • Some operators offer packages that combine jet skiing and water skiing, providing a full day of water sports adventure.

Ideal for…

  • Adrenaline Junkies: Enjoy high-speed water sports on Portugal’s waters.
  • Vacationers: Add excitement to your beach holiday with water activities.
  • Sports Enthusiasts: Experience the thrill of jet skiing and water skiing.

Top Water Sports Destinations

Join the fun at Algarve’s beach resorts, experience Lisbon’s water sports scene, or explore Porto’s coastal thrills.

Did You Know?

Portugal's extensive coastline provides the perfect setting for thrilling jet skiing and water skiing activities.

Price Guide

  • Budget: Group water skiing sessions and jet ski rentals.
  • Moderate: Private lessons and extended jet ski tours.

Best Time of the Year

These water sports are most enjoyable from late spring to early autumn, offering the best sea conditions.


Whether you’re skimming the waves on a jet ski or gliding over the water on skis, Portugal offers exhilarating experiences for water sports enthusiasts.

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