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Gastronomic Tours & Cooking Classes
Culinary Delights of Portugal


Join culinary tours and cooking classes to explore Portugal’s rich gastronomy, learning to create traditional dishes and understanding local food culture.


Traditional Portuguese Cooking Classes:

  • Hands-on classes teaching the preparation of classic Portuguese dishes like Bacalhau (codfish), Caldo Verde (kale soup), or Pastéis de Nata (custard tarts).

Regional Cuisine Tours:

  • Tours focusing on the distinct flavors of specific regions, such as seafood in the Algarve, Francesinha sandwiches in Porto, or Alentejo-style pork dishes.

Wine and Food Pairing Classes:

  • Sessions that explore the art of pairing Portuguese wines with local dishes, are often led by expert sommeliers and chefs.

Market Tours and Cooking Workshops:

  • Visits to local markets to source fresh ingredients, followed by cooking workshops where participants learn to prepare dishes with the acquired produce.

Gourmet and Michelin-Starred Experiences:

  • High-end culinary tours featuring dining at Michelin-starred restaurants or cooking sessions with renowned chefs.

Culinary Walking Tours:

  • Guided walks through cities like Lisbon or Porto, stopping at various eateries to sample traditional snacks, sweets, and drinks.

Seafood Cooking and Tasting Tours:

  • Focusing on the rich seafood traditions of Portugal, these tours might include visits to coastal towns, and seafood markets, and cooking fresh fish and shellfish.

Portuguese Pastry and Baking Classes:

  • Specialized classes in baking, focusing on Portuguese pastries and bread, like Pão de Ló (sponge cake) or Bolo de Arroz (rice muffins).

Farm-to-Table Experiences:

  • Tours that start at local farms to learn about sustainable agriculture, followed by cooking sessions using farm-fresh ingredients.

Vegetarian and Vegan Portuguese Cooking:

  • Cooking classes focused on vegetarian and vegan adaptations of traditional Portuguese dishes, using fresh, plant-based ingredients.

Ideal for…

  • Culinary Enthusiasts: Learn to cook Portuguese specialties.
  • Foodies: Discover the diverse culinary landscape of Portugal.
  • Travelers: Enjoy a hands-on cultural experience through food.

Top Gastronomic Experiences


  • The capital city is a melting pot of culinary traditions. Find cooking classes that teach a range of Portuguese dishes, as well as tours that take you through historic neighborhoods tasting petiscos (Portuguese tapas).


  • Famous for its namesake wine, Porto offers an array of wine and food pairing experiences. Gastronomic tours here often include visits to Port wine cellars and tastings of local specialties like Francesinha.

Alentejo Region:

  • Known for its rustic cuisine, the Alentejo offers farm-to-table experiences where you can indulge in traditional dishes made from local, fresh ingredients, often paired with the region’s excellent wines.

The Douro Valley:

  • This stunning wine region is perfect for wine enthusiasts. Here, you can participate in wine-focused gastronomic tours that include visits to vineyards and olive oil tastings.


  • With its extensive coastline, the Algarve is ideal for seafood cooking classes and tours. Learn to cook fresh seafood dishes and explore the region’s unique Moorish culinary influences.


  • The island of Madeira, with its unique microclimate, offers a variety of cooking classes focused on local ingredients and traditions, including its famous wine and sugarcane production.

Minho Region:

  • Known for its Vinho Verde (green wine), Minho offers gastronomic experiences that pair local wines with regional dishes. Cooking classes here may focus on hearty northern cuisine.


  • In the central region of Portugal, Coimbra offers a blend of monastic culinary traditions and contemporary cuisine, making it a unique place for gastronomic exploration.


  • The volcanic islands of the Azores provide a unique backdrop for cooking classes, especially those focusing on seafood and local dairy products.

Did You Know?

Portugal’s culinary scene is a delightful exploration of regional flavors and traditional cooking methods.

Price Guide

  • Budget: Group cooking classes and market tours.
  • Moderate: Private cooking sessions and gourmet food tours.

Best Time of the Year

These experiences are enjoyable throughout the year, with seasonal variations in menus and ingredients.


Whether you’re cooking in a local’s kitchen or exploring bustling food markets, Portugal’s gastronomic tours provide an authentic taste of its rich culinary heritage.

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