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Farm Visits & Petting Zoos
Discover Portugal's Rural Charm


Engage with rural life in Portugal through farm visits and petting zoos, offering hands-on experiences with farm animals and insights into agricultural practices.


Educational Farm Tours:

  • Focused on teaching visitors about farming practices, sustainability, and local agriculture. These tours often include interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Animal Interaction Farms:

  • These farms allow close encounters with various farm animals, providing opportunities to feed, pet, and learn about animal care.

Organic and Eco-Farms:

  • Visitors learn about organic farming methods, permaculture, and sustainable agriculture practices. These farms often include tastings of organic produce.

Adventure Farm Parks:

  • Combining farm experiences with adventure activities, such as hayrides, corn mazes, obstacle courses, and outdoor playgrounds.

Fruit Picking Farms:

  • Offering a ‘pick-your-own’ experience where visitors can harvest their own fruits and vegetables. These are especially popular during harvest seasons like apple picking in the fall or berry picking in the summer.

Dairy Farms:

  • Focusing on dairy production, these farms often include milking demonstrations, cheese-making workshops, and tastings.

Equestrian Farms:

  • Offering horseback riding, pony rides, and equine care lessons, ideal for horse lovers and those interested in learning more about these animals.

Therapeutic Farms:

  • Providing a calming environment where interactions with animals are used to promote emotional and mental well-being.

Hobby and Small-Scale Farms:

  • These smaller farms offer a more intimate and personalized experience, often run by families or small communities.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers:

  • While not traditional farms, these centers often allow visits and provide education on local wildlife, conservation efforts, and the process of rehabilitating and releasing animals.


Ideal for…

  • Families: Enjoy interactive and educational experiences with children.
  • Animal Lovers: Get up close with a variety of farm animals.
  • Agri-tourists: Learn about local farming techniques and produce.

Top Farm Experiences

Discover the pastoral beauty of Alentejo farmlands, visit rural estates in Minho, or explore family-friendly vineyard farms in the Douro region.

Did You Know?

Portugal's farm visits provide an authentic glimpse into the country's agricultural heritage and rural lifestyle.

Price Guide

  • Budget: Free or low-cost visits to local farms and community petting zoos.
  • Moderate: Guided farm tours with additional activities and workshops.

Best Time of the Year

Farm visits and petting zoos are enjoyable throughout the year, with each season offering different activities.


Whether feeding animals at a petting zoo or exploring the lush vineyards, farm visits in Portugal offer a delightful experience for visitors of all ages.

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