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Culinary Workshops
Master the Art of Portuguese Cuisine


Participate in interactive culinary workshops across Portugal, learning from local chefs and embracing the country’s culinary traditions.


  • Traditional Portuguese Cooking Classes:
    • Learn to cook classic Portuguese dishes such as Bacalhau (codfish), Caldo Verde (kale soup), and Pastéis de Nata (custard tarts). These classes often focus on family recipes passed down through generations.
  • Seafood Preparation Workshops:
    • Given Portugal’s extensive coastline, seafood is a staple. Workshops might include lessons on preparing seafood dishes like Cataplana (seafood stew) and grilled sardines.
  • Wine and Cheese Pairing Workshops:
    • Explore the rich world of Portuguese wines and cheeses. Learn about different wine regions like Douro and Alentejo and how to pair local wines with Portuguese cheeses like Queijo da Serra and Azeitão.
  • Pastelaria Workshops (Portuguese Pastry Making):
    • Specialize in baking Portuguese pastries. Participants can learn to make Pão de Ló (sponge cake), Arroz Doce (rice pudding), and other traditional sweets.
  • Gourmet Cooking Courses:
    • For those interested in high-end cuisine, these workshops focus on contemporary and gourmet interpretations of Portuguese dishes, often led by renowned chefs.
  • Farm-to-Table Cooking Experiences:
    • These workshops involve visits to local farms or markets to source fresh ingredients, followed by cooking sessions that focus on fresh, seasonal produce.
  • Regional Cuisine Workshops:
    • Focusing on specific regions of Portugal, such as the Algarve, Minho, or Madeira, to teach dishes unique to those areas, highlighting regional ingredients and cooking techniques.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Portuguese Cooking:
    • Tailored for plant-based diets, these workshops adapt traditional Portuguese recipes to vegan or vegetarian preferences, focusing on fresh vegetables, legumes, and grains.
  • Portuguese Sauces and Marinades Workshop:
    • Learn the art of making classic Portuguese sauces and marinades, which are integral to the cuisine, including Piri Piri sauce, Marinada para Carne (meat marinade), and Molho Verde (green sauce).
  • Culinary Workshops for Children:
    • Designed for young chefs, these workshops teach simple Portuguese recipes and cooking basics, making cooking fun and accessible for children.

Ideal for…

  • Aspiring Chefs: Learn from experienced chefs and enhance your culinary skills.
  • Food Lovers: Dive into the rich flavors of Portuguese cuisine.
  • Cultural Explorers: Connect with local food culture through hands-on experiences.

Top Culinary Workshop Locations

Explore Lisbon’s renowned cooking schools, join culinary centers in Porto, or enjoy unique experiences in Algarve’s kitchens.

Did You Know?

Portugal's culinary workshops provide a unique opportunity to learn about and participate in the rich traditions of Portuguese cooking.

Price Guide

  • Budget to Moderate: Group workshops focusing on specific Portuguese dishes or techniques.
  • Luxury: Private workshops with renowned chefs, including market visits and gourmet meals.

Best Time of the Year

Culinary workshops are a great year-round activity, offering seasonal variations in menus and cooking techniques.


From traditional pastries to seafood delicacies, culinary workshops in Portugal offer a memorable and flavorful journey through its diverse cuisine.

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