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Public and Accessible Courses

Golf for All in Portugal

Golf in Portugal isn’t confined to exclusive clubs and luxury resorts. The country’s public and accessible courses provide an affordable and welcoming option for golfers of all abilities. From bustling urban courses to hidden rural gems, these courses ensure that the joy of golf is open to everyone.

1. Lisbon Sports Club, Lisbon

Historical Charm in the Capital

  • Location: Lisbon
  • Architect: Hawtree & Sons
  • Highlight: One of Portugal’s oldest courses, it provides a traditional golf experience in a picturesque setting.
  • Visitor Information: Open to non-members, with reasonable green fees and equipment rental available.

2. Golfe do Morgado, Algarve

A Challenge for Every Golfer

  • Location: Portimão, Algarve
  • Architect: European Golf Design
  • Highlight: Known for its long fairways and large greens, Morgado offers an enjoyable experience for players of all skills.
  • Visitor Information: With various tee options, it caters to both beginners and advanced players.

3. Vale de Milho Golf, Algarve

Perfect for Beginners and Families

  • Location: Carvoeiro, Algarve
  • Architect: Dave Thomas
  • Highlight: A short 9-hole course, ideal for beginners, juniors, or those looking for a quick round.
  • Visitor Information: Golf lessons and clinics are available, along with equipment rental.

4. Oporto Golf Club, Porto

A Coastal Treat in the North

  • Location: Espinho, near Porto
  • Architect: Charles Pierre Mackenzie Ross
  • Highlight: As one of the oldest golf clubs in continental Europe, it provides a mix of heritage and accessible golfing.
  • Visitor Information: Non-members are welcome, with opportunities to join local competitions.


Tips for Enjoying Public Courses in Portugal

  • Book in Advance: While these courses are accessible, it’s wise to book your tee times in advance, especially during peak seasons.
  • Explore Off-Peak Hours: For quieter rounds and potential discounts, consider playing during off-peak hours.
  • Inquire About Lessons: Many public courses offer lessons and clinics, which can be a great introduction for new players.


Public and accessible golf courses in Portugal are a testament to the country’s commitment to inclusivity in the sport. They provide opportunities for all to enjoy the game, whether it’s a family on holiday, a beginner looking to learn, or an experienced golfer seeking a new challenge.

These courses reflect the soul of Portuguese golf, where the focus is on enjoyment, tradition, and the shared love of the game. They’re a vital part of Portugal’s rich golfing landscape, offering memorable experiences that won’t break the bank.