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Eco-friendly Courses

Green Golfing in Portugal

In a world increasingly aware of environmental issues, the concept of eco-friendly golf is gaining momentum. Portugal is at the forefront of this movement, boasting several courses that are committed to environmental stewardship. These courses provide a guilt-free golfing experience, allowing players to enjoy the game while respecting nature.

1. Onyria Palmares, Algarve

A Commitment to Sustainability

  • Location: Lagos, Algarve
  • Architect: Robert Trent Jones Jr.
  • Highlight: Onyria Palmares is known for its proactive environmental policies, including water conservation and habitat preservation.
  • Visitor Information: Accommodations and dining options emphasize local and sustainable practices.

2. Santo da Serra Golf, Madeira

Golf with a Conscious Mind

  • Location: Madeira Island
  • Architect: Robert Trent Jones Sr.
  • Highlight: This mountain course is part of a protected area, and its maintenance practices align with ecological conservation.
  • Visitor Information: Enjoy breathtaking views and a sense of connection with the island’s unique ecosystem.

3. Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, Algarve

Luxury Meets Eco-conscious Design

  • Location: Vila Nova de Cacela, Algarve
  • Architect: Jack Nicklaus
  • Highlight: Water conservation, energy efficiency, and protection of local flora and fauna are integral parts of Monte Rei’s philosophy.
  • Visitor Information: A luxurious stay without compromising on environmental ethics.

Tips for Playing Eco-Friendly Courses in Portugal

  • Respect the Guidelines: Follow the course’s environmental guidelines, such as sticking to paths and avoiding sensitive areas.
  • Appreciate the Flora and Fauna: Many eco-friendly courses are home to unique plant and animal species. Take the time to observe and appreciate.
  • Consider Off-Season Visits: Some courses offer off-season rates and packages, helping to spread the environmental impact throughout the year.


Eco-friendly golf courses in Portugal provide an opportunity to engage in a beloved sport while showing respect for the planet. They demonstrate that golf can be part of the solution to environmental challenges, offering a model for sustainable leisure and tourism.

Whether you are a committed environmentalist or just looking for a fresh and responsible way to enjoy golf, these courses offer a rich and satisfying experience. They are yet another reason why Portugal is emerging as a leader in modern golfing trends.