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Food Festivals

Embrace Portugal's Spirited Events & Festivals

Food Festivals in Portugal

Portugal is brimming with culinary events throughout the year, ranging from small local festivals celebrating regional produce to country-wide events where chefs showcase their artistry. Here are some that you shouldn’t miss.

Of course, here are the Food Festivals in Portugal, listed in chronological order, with their respective towns included. Please note that there might be other smaller food festivals in Portugal that are not mentioned here:

  1. Vinhais Smoked Meats Fair in Vinhais (February): A hearty celebration of smoked meats tradition in the Trás-os-Montes region, showcasing local products from sausages to hams.
  1. Lamprey Fair in Penacova (February-March): An opportunity to try the fish delicacy, lamprey, in the charming town of Penacova.
  1. Alentejo Cheese Fair in Serpa (February): Serpa hosts this cheese fair, a must-visit for dairy lovers with a diverse range of local cheeses to sample.
  1. Bread Soup Festival in Vila de Rei (March): This festival is a tribute to açorda, a traditional bread soup, celebrating Portugal’s simple and delectable culinary traditions.
  1. Azeitão Cheese Fair in Azeitão (March): Azeitão, famous for its soft, creamy sheep’s cheese, hosts this annual fair where visitors can enjoy and purchase this local delicacy.
  1. Serra da Estrela Cheese Festival in Oliveira do Hospital (March): A festival dedicated to the creamy, tangy Serra da Estrela cheese, Portugal’s oldest PDO product.
  1. International Chocolate Festival in Óbidos (March): Chocolate lovers’ paradise with chocolate sculptures, chocolate-making workshops, and tastings in the medieval town of Óbidos.
  1. Rice Festival in Comporta (April): This festival in Comporta showcases rice, a staple in Portuguese cuisine, with dishes like duck rice and monkfish rice.
  1. Bread, Cheese, and Wine Fair in Sesimbra (April): A gastronomic celebration featuring Portugal’s most essential foods.
  1. Fundão Cherry Festival in Fundão (June): Celebrating the region’s sweet cherries with tastings, picking experiences, and cherry-based products.
  1. National Agriculture Fair in Santarém (June): An agricultural fair doubling as a celebration of Portuguese food and drink, with a focus on wine and cheese.
  1. Santana Honey Fair in Santana, Madeira (July): Celebrating Madeira’s unique honey production, especially the dark, aromatic honey from the island’s indigenous black bees.
  1. Snail Festival in Loures (July): Paying tribute to the humble snail, a popular Portuguese snack, in the city of Loures, just outside of Lisbon.
  1. Olhão Seafood Festival in Olhão (August): A seafood lover’s dream offering an array of fresh seafood, from oysters to lobster, prepared in traditional Algarvian style.
  1. Sardine Festival in Portimão (August): This festival in Portimão pays homage to the humble sardine, a staple in Portuguese cuisine.
  1. Penamacor Honey Fair in Penamacor (August): Celebrating the region’s honey production with a variety of honey products.
  1. Dão Wine Fair in Nelas (September): A toast to the region’s wines with tastings, vineyard tours, and a wine parade in Nelas.
  1. National Gastronomy Festival in Santarém (October): A grand celebration of Portugal’s culinary heritage with regions presenting their traditional dishes.
  1. Alcobaça Apple Festival in Alcobaça (October): A festival in Alcobaça featuring everything from apple picking to apple-inspired dishes.
  1. Marvão Chestnut Festival in Marvão (November): Celebrating the chestnut harvest with roasted chestnuts and regional wines.
  1. Sweet Potato Festival in Aljezur (November): Celebrating the unique taste and texture of sweet potatoes from Aljezur with a wide range of dishes.
  1. Golegã Fair in Golegã (November): While primarily a horse fair, it offers an array of culinary delights from hearty soups to local wine.
  1. Marco de Canaveses Honey Fair in Marco de Canaveses (December): A fair dedicated to showcasing the region’s honey and other bee products.
  1. Olive Oil Festival in Belmonte (December): This festival in Belmonte honors the region’s olive oil with tastings, traditional dishes, and olive oil-themed products.

We hope you’ll have a chance to attend some of these festivals to truly immerse yourself in Portuguese cuisine. The country has a rich culinary heritage, with each region having its own unique flavors and traditions. From cheese and smoked meats to wine and seafood, these festivals offer a unique opportunity to taste the best of what Portugal has to offer. Enjoy your gastronomic journey through Portugal!