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Canyoning and Caving

Delve into Portugal's Hidden Canyons & Caves

Explore the Depths 

Hello, adventurers and explorers! Welcome to Portugal, a land of captivating canyons and mysterious caves. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of descending down waterfalls or the excitement of exploring subterranean wonders, Portugal has it all.


Dive into the world of canyoning and caving in Portugal, where you’ll be mesmerized by the unique beauty of rocky gorges and hidden caverns. From rappelling down sheer cliffs to spelunking in ancient caves, there’s an adventure awaiting everyone.

Types of Activities

  • Canyoning: Navigate through narrow canyons, rappel down waterfalls, jump into natural pools, and slide down rock chutes.
  • Caving: Discover the world beneath the earth’s surface as you explore limestone caves, volcanic tubes, and underground rivers.

Best Locations

  • Gerês National Park: Experience canyoning amidst the lush greenery, rushing rivers, and impressive waterfalls of this stunning park.
  • Arrábida Natural Park: Dive into the depths of limestone caves featuring stalactites, stalagmites, and subterranean pools.
  • São Vicente: Explore volcanic caves formed by the slow cooling of lava flows on the island of Madeira.
  • Arouca Geopark: Experience the thrill of canyoning and caving amidst the unique geological formations of this protected area.

Who It Is Suitable For

  • Beginners: Embark on your canyoning and caving adventure with guided tours tailored to your skill level.
  • Intermediate Adventurers: Explore more challenging routes with the support of experienced guides.
  • Expert Explorers: Push your limits by descending deep canyons and exploring extensive cave systems.

Equipment Needed

Depending on your chosen activity, you may need equipment such as helmets, wetsuits, harnesses, ropes, and headlamps. Many guided tours provide the necessary gear.

Guide to Pricing

Prices for guided canyoning and caving tours usually range from €50 to €150, depending on the location, duration, and equipment included.

Safety and Regulation

  • Always prioritize safety by following the guidelines provided by your guides or local authorities.
  • Make sure you’re physically fit for the chosen activity and inform your guide of any medical conditions.
  • Avoid solo expeditions and always have at least one companion.
  • Stay on designated routes to minimize environmental impact and protect fragile ecosystems.

Special Events

Keep an eye out for caving expeditions and canyoning festivals where you can join workshops, meet fellow enthusiasts, and explore new locations.


Get ready to experience the exhilaration of canyoning and caving in Portugal. Revel in the beauty of hidden canyons, marvel at the wonders of underground caves, and create unforgettable memories in Portugal’s stunning landscapes. Adventure awaits!