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A Road Trip to Amarante with Friends


by Sofia Pereira

As the sun peeked over the horizon, painting the sky in hues of gold and pink, my heart swelled with anticipation. Today was the day we embarked on our road trip to Amarante, a gem nestled in the northern region of Portugal, a place where tradition dances hand in hand with nature’s untamed beauty.

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of Braga, our car became a vessel of laughter, stories, and songs. The open road was a canvas, and we were the artists, eager to paint our adventure with vibrant strokes of joy and camaraderie. We left technology behind, embracing the raw and unfiltered essence of our journey.

Amarante, with its romantic aura, awaited us. The Tâmega River, a glistening ribbon winding through the town, welcomed us with open arms. We strolled along the historic São Gonçalo Bridge, a testament to Amarante’s resilience and beauty. The bridge, more than a structure, was a storyteller, whispering tales of love and legends to those who would listen.

We found ourselves captivated by the charming streets, lined with colorful houses and quaint cafes. The aroma of freshly baked bolos de São Gonçalo, a local delicacy, filled the air, enticing us to indulge in a taste of Amarante’s culinary treasures. Each bite was a celebration of flavor and tradition, a reminder of the simple joys in life.

Our journey took us to the São Gonçalo Monastery, an architectural marvel that spoke of faith and artistry. The baroque designs and detailed azulejos (tiles) were a feast for the eyes, each corner holding a piece of history, a fragment of time.

But it was nature’s embrace that truly captured our souls. We ventured into the lush greenery surrounding Amarante, where the melody of the river and the whispers of the trees filled our hearts with peace. Here, we disconnected from the world and reconnected with ourselves and each other. The serene landscape was a balm to our city-weary spirits, a haven of tranquility.

As the day faded into a starlit night, we gathered by the riverbank, our hearts full of gratitude. In the company of friends, amidst the beauty of Amarante, we found joy, we found adventure, we found ourselves.

And so, as I reflect on our road trip to Amarante, I am reminded of the power of nature and friendship. It’s in these moments, away from the digital noise and closer to the earth’s heartbeat, that we truly live. Amarante was not just a destination; it was a journey of discovery, laughter, and serenity.

Until next time, keep exploring, keep feeling, and let nature be your guide.

Saudações amorosas, Sofia Pereira

Until our next adventure,
João Pereira
“Porque viajar é viver!”


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