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A Comprehensive Guide to Exploration and Life in Portugal!
Welcome to "EnterPortugal," a guide like no other. This website is your passport to an immersive journey through Portugal, specifically crafted for those intrepid souls who work remotely, have an unquenchable thirst for travel, or simply wish to experience Portugal beyond the usual tourist façade.
Inspired by globally acclaimed travel writers, this guide combines practicality with passion, serving as an inviting roadmap to the hidden gems and celebrated highlights of this captivating nation.
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Delightful Hidden Corners Of  Portugal!
This guide covers all 20 districts that including the islands of Portugal. You'll navigate through bustling cityscapes, traverse serene vineyards, marvel at medieval castles, and explore remote workspaces that inspire productivity and foster community. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a culture vulture, a food enthusiast, or a remote worker looking to change your work environment, this website caters to your unique tastes and interests.,
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Follow the tales from our 12 Portuguese writers and their weekly explorations, to festivals, historic locations and so much more.
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Useful things to know before you visit Portugal

Before embarking on your Portuguese adventure, it's helpful to know a few key tips. Portugal operates on Western European Time (WET), and the currency is the Euro (€). English is widely spoken in tourist areas, though learning a few basic Portuguese phrases can enrich your experience. The country is known for its diverse climate, so pack accordingly — bring layers for the cooler north and beachwear for the sunny south. Public transportation is efficient, especially the trains, which are a scenic way to travel. When dining, don't miss trying the local delicacies like Bacalhau and Pastel de Nata. Lastly, embrace the laid-back 'hora portuguesa' (Portuguese time) and enjoy the slower pace of life here!
In Portugal, outdoor adventurers should research trails and consider renting equipment locally. For water sports enthusiasts, explore beyond the famous spots to lesser-known areas like Viana do Castelo for kitesurfing. Wildlife lovers can venture into natural parks for unique tours, while foodies should dive into local markets to sample regional specialties. Cultural experiences include intimate Fado performances and exploring artisan workshops. Nightlife seekers should follow local blogs for events, and wellness enthusiasts can find retreats across the country. Festival-goers will enjoy Portugal's vibrant calendar of events, and families can engage in interactive activities. History and shopping enthusiasts can explore historical sites and local artisan markets, while workshops offer a chance to learn traditional crafts. Digital nomads can connect in Portugal's co-working spaces, ideal for networking and community building.
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