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What to do in Portugal ?

Fado Music Venues in Lisbon

Fado is the urban folk music of Portugal that appears to have its roots in the merging of the cultures of the Portuguese urban poor, the Fadistas (the fatalists), with the African ex-slaves who settled in the Mouraria and Alfama districts of Lisbon. The dances of the Fadistas combined with the music of the African ex-slaves and evolved into Fado.....More

Surfing in the Algarve

Facing out towards the powerful winds of the Atlantic ocean, and with good weather throughout the year, the Algarve is regarded as being the best natural surf coastline in Europe. The wide variety of surf spots accommodates surfers with different levels of experience, there are classic big hollow waves, but also sheltered, gentler spots, for less advanced surfers.....More

Tour the Porto Wine Lodges

Vila Nova de Gaia lies on the south bank of the river Douro, across from Porto. This is the historical centre of port production. Wines were brought by boat from the estates in the Douro to be matured, blended and bottled here. The lodges remain the place where most port is produced, although gradually more of the storing and bottling of the wines is being done out of town......More

Recommended Reading

Piri Piri Starfish: Portugal Found

In Piri Piri Starfish, Tessa embroiders the recipes, traditions and Portuguese way of living together with her own unique colours and threads.

By Tessa Kiros

Wine and Food Lover's Guide to Portugal

The Wine & Food Lover's Guide to Portugal is a 446-page hardback book for people who like to eat and drink well, stay in welcoming and interesting places, and want to explore Portugal - and not just the beaches.

By Charles Metcalfe & Kathryn McWhirter